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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Facts about the OAB:            

            The Oregon Association of Broadcasters, customarily known as the OAB, is a member supported trade association representing the management of Radio and Television stations in the state of Oregon.  Membership consists of 28 of the 28 commercial TV stations, and 182 of the 195 commercial Radio stations. In addition, there are more than 50 Associate members.  Educational Radio and Television stations are well represented in the OAB, as are the state’s colleges and universities.

            The OAB office is located in Portland and is the focal point of the state broadcasting activities.  The President/CEO of the OAB is Bill Johnstone, a commercial Radio and Television broadcasting veteran with more than 40-years experience.  The board of directors and officers is comprised of station ownership and management representing a cross section of the industry - - both large and small market Radio and Television companies in all areas of the state, and a representative from the Associate Membership of the OAB.

            The OAB has several working committees dealing with such topics as state and federal legislation, sales training, public affairs, career/job fairs, and broadcast scholarships. An annual responsibility of a standing committee is the awarding of honors for public service and public affairs programming.  There is also competition for outstanding commercial spot announcements, news and station promotion. 

            The OAB is also an active participant in a joint council comprised of state Bar, Press and Broadcaster representatives who deal with working relationships between media and the courts.

            The OAB facilitates statewide sales training and seminars, and the annual Fall Conference is staged in the fall, offering a weekend of education, information and recreation for station personnel and their families.

            A broadcast industry update, WHAT’S HAPPENING at THE OAB is published weekly, and emailed to OAB members.  The publication is a clearinghouse for media, legislative and legal information and station activity.

            The OAB maintains an informative website at  Among other information on the website, is a page dedicated to People Available which is a listing of eligible applicants for broadcast openings across the nation; and a page dedicated to Jobs Available which lists career openings at radio and television stations in the state. 

            The OAB is active in issues, as they pertain to broadcasting, at the state legislative level and in Washington, DC through lobby efforts and regular contact with our state legislators.

            The Oregon Association of Broadcasters Foundation, organized in 2003, solicits and administers scholarship funds for Broadcast Journalism students. The OABF contributed over $12,000 in Broadcast Scholarship in 2009.

            To better serve the membership of the Oregon Association of Broadcasters the OAB has retained J. Dominic Monahan, of the Eugene law firm of Luvaas Cobb, PC, to serve as the legal counsel to the OAB.

            Through a program known as the Public Educational Partnership (PEP) the state’s broadcasters donate coordinated campaigns of announcements for state agencies and non-profit social service organizations without budgets dedicated to regular broadcast advertising.  Donations to the OAB for this service are dedicated toward attracting nationally distinguished educators and speakers to annual conferences and seminars, minority recruitment programs, contributions to an industry disaster fund, and other services the association could not otherwise afford.

            The OAB office is located at 9020 SW Washington Square Road, Suite 140, Portland, Oregon 97223-4433. The telephone number is (503) 443-2299 and the fax number is (503) 443-2488.  E-Mail address is:

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$109,011,033 is the amount of airtime Oregon Broadcasters have donated in one year. To learn more, please click here.
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